About DESCCOCHURCHES - Church Construction Lancaster, PADESCCOCHURCHES – Church Design and Construction company of Lancaster, PA was founded in 1969 as a residential and light commercial building company. In 1972, the business was incorporated as S.E. Smoker, Inc (now DESCCOCHURCHES) and in 1975 we entered our first contract for the construction of a new church. Over the next two decades several more opportunities for new construction and renovations to existing worship facilities were realized.

In 1994, a call to a new mission became evident. Since that time a majority of our work has come from providing service to churches, private schools, and non-profit ministries.

The remainder of our work is building light manufacturing, professional office space, and warehousing spaces for the commercial sector.

Early in 2016, S.E. Smoker Inc. was acquired by DESCCO Design & Construction, Inc. and continues to operate as an autonomous branch of DESCCO. The main focus has been and will remain the Design and Construction of Church facilities while continuing to expand into commercial construction as well as in the health care construction.

With more resources available than ever before, the S.E. Smoker team will continue to provide the exemplary services and quality Design and Construction that customers have come to expect.

Church Builder of Lancaster, PA


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